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42714 Woodward Ave, Suite B, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

  • P. 248.334.9600
  • F. 248.334.9603

Core Values

  1. We Care – We Strive to Protect – We Do the Right Thing.
  2. FAMILY: We Treat our Clients like Family.
  3. INTEGRITY: Open, Honest, and Transparent.
  4. COMMITTED: We Finish what We Start.


We are a financial services firm. What makes us stand out is our team, our Strategic Alliances and the passion to go above and beyond to build confidence and trust for our clients. 

Wealth Management Philosophy

Our dynamic total wealth management approach is customized to meet your unique financial needs and objectives. We follow a comprehensive six-step process designed to determine the optimal approach to managing your assets.

  1. DISCOVER: Discover a clear understanding of our client’s priorities and objectives while assessing their risk tolerance.
  2. EDUCATE: Educate clients on the risk reward characteristics of different asset classes and economic concepts and their contribution to the overall portfolio.
  3. OBSERVATIONS: Fully analyze and evaluate our client’s current situation to give the input and advice needed for them to make timely, informed decisions.
  4. RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommend to our client’s the appropriate asset allocation strategy using an optimal blend of investment products.
  5. IMPLEMENTATION: Implement our clients investment portfolio using the investment methodologies employed to construct their portfolio.
  6. ACTIVE MANAGEMENT: Regular review of the portfolio performance, client’s objectives and circumstances.